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About Marc

Higher Education consultant, Enrollment Management, Fund Raising and Development specialist. Haphazard adventurer, buccaneer for the exciting side of life.


Marc Troeger is a guy who climbs small mountains (novicely), skis down black diamond slopes (haphazardly), participates in mountain bike races (recklessly), runs marathons (averagely), rafts wild rivers (carelessly) and, bottom line: just can’t sit still (expertly).

Growing up in a military family, Marc began his life, traveling the world. His zest for travel has only continued throughout his career, working in and supporting higher education, allowing him to cross the globe several times over.

With many stories and adventures under his belt, Mountainblogs is a place where Marc muses, reflects and posts his latest (or past) antics and shares a thought or two about life with all who may be interested.

In his working world, Marc is an Oracle Higher Education Practice Director with CIBER, Inc .  Marc resides in Holland, MI with his wife, along with his faithful side-kick, Ernie.      e

Marc can also be followed on his occasional Twitter posts at @marctroeger


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