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Every Adventure needs a sidekick… December 21, 2008

Posted by Marc Troeger in life.
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Meet Ernie, my sidekick during my couch adventures as I recover from foot surgery. Ernie is named after the famed Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton. Ernie’s a two-year old long-haired dachshund and very easily lives up to his namesake.

Any chance Ernie gets, he’s right along side of me, willing to take part in any of my daily adventures, from jet skiing, to kayaking, cross-country skiing and even riding along in a backpack when I go mountain biking. The benefits of the small, little guy is that he can go just about anywhere… and he rarely says no. But size does not matter to him. He usually forgets that he’s one quarter the size of most dogs with whom he plays.

To be honest, I think Ernie’s just as challenged with this couch-bound adventure as I am. He does not quite understand why I can’t join him in the yard, chasing balls and sticks or running the geese out of our back yard. He’s constantly bringing his favorite toy to me, wanting me to chase him down and wrestle it away. While I think he’s disappointed at the restrained attempts I make to play, I believe he understands and patiently waits.

Ernie’s taught me a few lessons about life over the two years I’ve had him. Having been a bachelor only until last year, I’ve learned almost as much about commitment, dependency and the need to let others in my life, as I have from my wife (Oops… I’ll make up for that comment in a future post!).

Don’t forget, this journal is about change, and the changes we can make, no matter our situation. Epic Change is one of those that is trying to make that difference. Check out the Epic Change widget at the top of the page.

Join with me as I work to make that difference… even from my couch.



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