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Her Race… Her Story January 5, 2012

Posted by Marc Troeger in adventure.
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My wife was doing consulting work in the Greenville, South Carolina area which required her to be there over New Years. Instead of letting her celebrate alone, I surprised her by flying down that weekend to be with her.

In support of my endeavor of “50 Adventures”, my wife asked to join me on my first adventure: a New Year’s Eve Resolution 5K race in Anderson, SC. While the race started before the stroke of midnight, the ending results and festivities carried over to the New Year, and, with my wife by my side, it made for a very special start to this grand adventure.

Both my wife and I completed the race with respectable times (though, we later found out the vehicle that was pacing the leaders took a wrong turn and cut the race short by about three tenths of a mile!). Later, while we waited to celebrate the stroke of midnight with all the other finishers, a woman crossed the finish line huffing and puffing… excited and beaming… with a Cheshire Cat smile… on crutches. The crowd clapped and cheered; many hugs and pats on the back. The woman was elated and excited, tears in her eyes. A companion, who had stayed with her along the way, gave her several high-fives.

I couldn’t help the smile breaking across my own face. Her race… her adventure… her own story to tell. That’s what an adventure is all about.


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