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Anatomy of an Adventure (in Everything) January 10, 2012

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I met Matt Walker last year when I attended the Cochise Stronghold Rock Climbing Camp, hosted by his adventure company, Inner Passage.  Matts patience as a teacher and leader made the three days of instruction and climbing in the desert south of Tuscon, Arizona, an amazing experience.   I walked away from that camp learning far more about myself and what I can accomplish.  It was an incredible adventure.

Prior to attending the climbing camp, Matt assigned us readings to complete, one of those was his Five Elements of Adventure, which he has since published in his inspiring and motivational book, Adventure in Everything.  The premise of the five elements is to guide the reader in discovering and developing adventure in all aspects of his or her life.

I have to be honest, I had hesitations in taking on my “50 Adventures” project until I sat down and finally read a copy of the book he had sent me a few months earlier.  It’s what opened my eyes and helped me to understand that adventure in someone’s life is more than a mountain to climb; it is, as he put is “finding it is a lifestyle choice that reconnects you with your dreams and passions”.

A synopsis of those five elements are below.  Read them once and then read them a second time.  Then, read them one more time and this time ask yourself the question: “How can adventure be a part of my life?”

The Five Elements of Adventure (from Matt Walker’s book, Adventure in Everything):

  1. High Endeavor – To aim for a life with high endeavor is to set goals for ourselves that are worthy of our energy, love and passion.
  2. Uncertain Outcome – adventures suggests not knowing how something is going to [ultimately] turn out; a series of uncertain outcomes and coming to peace with this concept allows for opportunity.  Opportunity activates adventure.
  3. Totally Committed – pursuit with flexibility about its outcome, detachment from its results and complete and total focus on the task at hand.
  4. Tolerance for Adversity – Being nimble in the face of seeming defeat; we can either succumb to defeat or turn the situation into an opportunity to find more creative ways to triumph.
  5. Great Companionship – When we pursue our endeavors with the benefit of the company of others, we have the opportunity to give unselfishly, receive sincere feedback, support one another and work together to reach goals that are unattainable on our own.


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