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Opportunity = Adventure February 17, 2012

Posted by Marc Troeger in adventure.
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Most people looking at this picture wouldn’t think much of it, aside from the fact that it shows a person rock climbing. But, look a little closer and you’ll see a lot of desire and an opportunity.

There are many people who have no desire to go rock climbing. That’s OK. The sport is not for everyone. For others, they may have the desire to try rock climbing, but have never been presented with that opportunity. Personally, I enjoy climbing, though, because of my busy schedule and the locations where I live and work, the opportunity is not always available to me.

That’s a funny thing about opportunity. In general use, the word tends to reflect something positive and moving forward with a task or a goal. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, opportunity has more of a negative effect; it tends to hold them back from accomplishing what they desire because they are waiting for the opportunity to present itself. If they’re lucky, that will happen. But, if a desire is strong enough, waiting isn’t an option, you will seek opportunity out.

That’s what this picture is all about. An opportunity presented itself. My mom always had the desire to try rock climbing. For her, the opportunity didn’t present itself until she was 75 years old. Ignoring her age and acknowledging her desire, she jumped at the chance.

You go, girl!