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About Marc

IT Services Practice Director, Higher Education, Fund Raising and Development specialist.
Haphazard adventurer, buccaneer for the exciting side of life.


Marc Troeger is a guy who climbs small mountains (novicely), skis down black diamond slopes (haphazardly), participates in mountain bike races (recklessly), runs marathons (averagely), rafts wild rivers (carelessly) and, bottom line: just can’t sit still (expertly).

Growing up in a military family, Marc began his life, traveling the world. His zest for travel has only continued throughout his career, working as a director in IT Professional services, specializing in change management and business transformation.

With many stories and adventures under his belt, Mountainblogs is a place where Marc occasionally muses, reflects and posts his latest (or past) antics and shares a thought or two about life with all who may be interested.

In his working world, Marc is a Professional Services Practice Director with Ciber, Inc.  He resides in Holland, MI with his wife, along with his faithful side-kick, Ernie.      e

Marc can also be followed with his occasional Twitter postings at @marctroeger.

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